Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bekah on her long-term AAMI relationship

I believe so much in AAMI. I've enrolled twice.  During the term of my first enrollment, some family matters cropped up causing me to put my education on pause.  While deciding whether to re-enroll or to try a shorter, cheaper program, I felt that there was really no comparison.  AAMI gives each student so much in the curriculum, but also in the personal support of Carla and her staff.  She truly believes in her mission of creating more midwifes!  The staff is attentive and responsive.  I've usually received replies within a few hours of emailing my questions, sometimes even when a staff member is supposed to be on "vacation."
Since I've been enrolled a while, I've seen the curriculum through several revisions.  I believe the true value of the curriculum is that not only does it provide a rock solid base in academic midwifery education, but it's complete focus is preparing each student for actual midwifery practice.  Questions and projects are designed to serve you as a professional, not just a student.  Once the course is completed, you will have created all the materials you need to educate clients and support their continued good health from initial contact through postpartum.  You will have also learned how to evaluate controversial topics and seek the very best evidence you can find.  The value of this course far exceeds the price.
Bekah <><
AAMI # 1885 NC7
Doula, Midwifery student in WI

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