Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From AMS enrollee Brenda Parrish

After having served as a direct entry midwife for 14 years, I realized there were gaps in my education and I wanted to enroll in a midwifery school.  There were none within driving distance to my home, so I sought a distance learning program.  I was a good friend to another enrollee and she always spoke very highly of AAMI.  I asked a lot of questions about the way the curriculum was laid out, the types of assignments, how much she felt she was learning, etc.  I only heard good things.  One of my goals was to prepare for the NARM, but even more important, I just wanted to become a better midwife, able to meet the needs of the women who sought me out for their pregnancies and births.  Having been a homeschool mom for all of my children's educational years, I know that accreditation did not necessarily equate to a more superior education, but teaching someone HOW to learn was a lifelong valuable skill.  I knew AAMI had an excellent reputation for producing graduates who were very knowledgeable, but also trusted in the process of birth.  So, I looked into it more seriously.  I withdrew from nursing school and my previous goal of becoming a nurse-midwife and enrolled immediately in AAMI.  Not only was it a bargain for all that I am receiving, but I feel I am getting such a quality education.

Brenda Parrish

AAMI #1876

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